Drugs and alcohol advice

Where to get advice and support from, who do you know if you have a problem, who can get help, who to contact and where to find more information.

Where can I get information, advice and support from?

The East Riding Youth and Family Service offers confidential and friendly advice and support around drugs and alcohol use. 

If you are concerned about either your own or someone else’s alcohol or drug use please get in touch. 

What if I am a family member or a carer of a young person using alcohol or drugs?

There are many reasons why young people might experiment with alcohol or drugs. Even a small amount of these substances can have a great impact on young people’s lives and lead to problematic use.

If you want to make a referral, please contact us. We accept referrals from parents and carers, and local services working with children, young people, and families.

Before making a referral, you might want to consider having a calm conversation about your concerns with the young person.

Should I be worried about my drugs or alcohol use?

Please answer these questions honestly:

  • Do you think about drugs or alcohol every day?
  • Is it hard for you to say “no” if someone offers you drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you use alcohol or drugs to relax or feel better?
  • Are drugs or alcohol affecting your activities or your relationships with family and friends?
  • Do you get into trouble because of your drinking or drug use?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions you might need to contact us for information and advice.

Who can get help?

Any person under 18 who lives in the East Riding who is worried about their use of drugs or alcohol, and their carers.

Who do I contact?

If you are under 18 years old and would like general information, advice, and support about drugs or alcohol, the East Riding Partnership (external website) would be happy to support you.

Self-referrals are welcome as are referrals from family members and professionals. 

To find out more about this service please give us a call today: 

Tel: (01482) 336675

If you are worried a child/young person might be at risk of harm, abuse or neglect, contact the Early Help and Safeguarding Hub (EHaSH) on:

Tel: (01482) 395500

Email: childrens.socialcare@eastriding.gcsx.gov.uk

Where can I find out more information about drugs and alcohol, their risks and effects?

Search the East Riding Health and Wellbeing website for useful websites about drugs and alcohol, their risks and effects.

There are websites and services exclusively for young people and family members, whether the young person is using and consuming themselves, or affected by a friend or family member doing so. 

East Riding Health and Wellbeing

For further signposting information on a wide range of topics please visit  https://www.mecclink.co.uk/yorkshire-humber/

or visit: https://www.humber.nhs.uk/Services/east-riding-partnership.htm