Quit Smoking

Stop smoking for good with the help of our FREE 12-week accredited programme. We’ll support you at every stage with:

– One-to-one sessions with our qualified and certified NCSCT practitioners.

– A dedicated health app for further support and resources

– Free nicotine replacement therapy for up to 12 weeks.

There’s so many reasons to sign up today and begin your journey towards a smoke free future!  

– Form healthy and sustainable habits to stop smoking – for good. 

– Achieve lasting results with proven behaviour change techniques based on the latest clinical guidance.  

– Control cravings and break the habit of smoking. 

– Receive clinical support through an evidence-based change programme. 

Get up to 12 weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), from patches, gums, sprays & vapes, there’s a range to choose from. 

– Your programme of support will be tailored to your individual needs including identifying your triggers, with one-to-one support to help you break the cycle of addiction. 

– You can choose between a face-to-face in person programme delivered in community venues near you or a fully remote programme delivered through telephone calls. 

– You’ll get free continuous access to the AmaraHealth™ app where you can track your health and find informative information on how to improve your health and wellbeing.

Want to learn more?

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Getting started

Here’s a handy step by step summary of the process

Sign up

Take our online questionnaire to find out if you’re eligible

Take part

Join our twelve-week programme where you will receive up to 9 one-to-one sessions, either face-to-face or remotely. Parent/adult carers will need to be present for all sessions for young people under 18 years of age. 

Stay on track

Stay on track after the programme, get support for 12 months via the AmaraHealth™ app

You are eligible for the programme if you:

  • Live in East Riding and have a East Riding postcode
  • Are aged 12 years or over
  • Are a current tobacco smoker
  • Are not solely an e-cigarette smoker
Take assessment

What to expect

We’d like to give you more details about what happens during the programme, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

One-to-one Sessions

You will receive specialist behaviour change and guidance tailored to you.

Local venues or remote

You can choose to attend your sessions at a community venue close to you, or remotely via a phone call.

AmaraHealth™ app

We’ll give you 24/7 access to the AmaraHealth™app. You can use it to track your food, weight, mood and more. You can even set goals too.

After the programme

We’ll continue helping you with your weight-loss goals with a six-month and 12-month review.

Improve your health when you quit smoking

When you stop smoking, you’ll also notice the benefits to your health. It makes exercise easier, which in turn can encourage you to be more active. Plus, it will save you money and can even make food tastier too. 

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Quit smoking and drastically improve your health